Time, Saturn, Cronos

Del wrote:
Well, this was all very entertaining.

Gets much much better… Arrow

So some guy shows up called ‘2007’ and claims he is the judge.


Well I Raphael, claim I am a Prophet and I arrived in a Chariot.
And 2007 is but a year yet to be judged.

So who are you gonna believe, the Judge or the Prophet?
Ah … We are both here to offer insight.
He shows up offering more Bullshit, really accomplishing nothing, only offering more DISTRACTION, making the murky waters murkier…

And then I show up trying to interpret these WMD.Shocked
WMD = Words of Mass Distraction.

Here is how I see the world…TIME is running out and TIME will soon leave the building.

Saturn, Cronos, the God of TIME is sending us a message.
Stop listening to the JUDGES … THEY are part of the system, erected to keep the sheeple penned.
This guy, 2007 is a joke erected to keep ya all boxed.
I just read 3 pages of nothing.
Yes these creators of rumour of war and a just justice are very good at creating ‘something’ out of nothing.
That is what lies do…they are manufactured to create an illusion where truth once stood.
The work of a Magician.
Was 911 a grand illusion, the work of Magicians?
Doctors and Lawyers have client privileges.
We the sheeple have little privilege or rights when confronted with expert opinions. But the experts are lined up on BOTH sides of an issue … we the sheeple who know nothing are caught in the middle of the crossfire…
Is that not obvious?

So the American Judicial System is going to throw a science fiction writer in jail for telling fiction and lying to a government that lies to us?

I think and feel it is TIME to consult a higher authority than a Judge who represents a flawed system and me who claims he has an aspect of the Messiah within him…Saturn, the Lord of TIME what do you say?

Saturn’s NORTH Pole

NEOPO wrote:
” a mind once stretched to accomodate a new idea…..”Is it just me or does anyone else see the pentagram inside the hexagon? Raph? <twilight zone music>

Yes bro, I see a pentagram inside a RED Hexagram inside a BLUE Circle.

These 2 colors long ago I identified as POLARITIES. It is no coincidence the blending of these 2 colors result in PURPLE, the color of royalty.

Polarity is defined by SPIN.

Let us take a look at the twins positioned at the POLES of Saturn governing her rotation…

Funny thing is that the EXPERTS do not know which way Saturn rotates…maybe I, err what I mean is … maybe the EYE can help them out … leave this problem that the experts cannot solve with me, I will sleep on it for a few days, the answer will arrive …Rolling Eyes
I see in the above link grifter provided … THEY are going to fiqure out Saturn’s rotation using the Hexagon…Hexagram…which is the geometric shape that encapsulates the vehicle Ezekiel arrived in.
It was called the Merkeba.
Psst … I have written about this VERY common symbolism…symbolism that the Judeao Christians stole, adopted and then claimed as their own.
That is what I learned from JC HIStory.
HIStory presents itself to me as nothing but a ‘rap sheet’ .
%$#@ thieves and hypocrites.
Not an Ali Baba amongst the 40 THEY…only ali-bis for their errant, sinful, and highly hypocritical behaviors….yes THEY are trying their best I am told, to mend their ways fallen sinful ways…
Maybe THEY (the war mongering Judaeo/Christian/Islamic funnymentalist) should stay home and ‘know thyself’ first and foremost before THEY go about altering the world …. as THEY see it, in their dysfunctional image.
The ironic thing is that the those who organized into a movement called the JCs (Judeao/Christians) who in fact are worshipping an idol, a graven image called JC…are actually the ones JC warned us about.
We are THEY.
Once EWEs figure that out.
It is a whole new ball game.

My words of insight do take time to penetrate, after all it has been over 2 years now, 2+ years struggling with my own thoughts and feelings, trying to communicate my epiphany with some integrity… Sad
How does a person communicate an epiphany without appearing crazy? Rolling Eyes
I could have ended up on a street corner…handing out pamphlets…but instead I chose the comforts of being centered in my home, in my castle, so within my temple I positioned myself in a chair.
By no coincidence I park my butt where the x and y-axis intersect and from this centered position, I find myself in a perspective capable of swirling in both directions and please note…my perspective of the universe presented to me on a flat screen, can also be adjusted along its z-axis… Wink

Saturn’s SOUTH Pole

If you rotate this pic 90 degrees…to a man or even a woman, it looks like something I might want to lick and then stick something into it.

Looks like a YONI to me…located at the SOUTH Pole…and down below is where the Fire rages…so with Lingham in hands (it takes two chiral hands to handle the whopper), and I with my firefighter skills am able to douse the flames, I am able to put out the fire that rages in the honeypot…
The ‘seat of the fire’, as we call it in the biz, here is the nectar of the flower…beckoning my drone, instinctual behaviours.

Ancient Hindu sages tell us each of the 4 Yugas or Ages has a correspondence with the 4 Powers of “Maya”.

Maya is a Sanskrit word meaning “the darkness of illusion that hides from man his divine nature”.

These 4 Powers of Maya from the grossest to the subtle are;

1/ Atomic
2/ Space
3/ Time
4/ Vibration

Read the posts … most people in the forums are stuck in TIME (details) … Our system as I mentioned above actually handing out scholarships … so THEY can debate with confidence when choosing a side …Razz
The EYE suggests I have moved on …

Eyes measure VIBRATion / movement.

(say yes to the Energy you manufacture from within and vibrate)

The Sanskrit scriptures continue…

“Each ascending Age brings to mankind an opportunity to control and understand one of these universal powers…”

Believe it.
Feel the 4ce Luke!
This is real force and it comes in infinite forms and I am one of its many messengers…take a look around at the ART…awaken the messenger within, because WE are ALL messengers of light… light is frequency and in a word it all comes down to …

Max Planck the father of ‘quantum physics’ said “there is no such thing as matter only vibration”Rolling Eyes

following quote taken from another forum

gg3 wrote:
In other words, I think we’re very fortunate indeed to happen to have been looking in the right place Saturn when one of these things was still well-formed. And if we found that one, in all probability it is not unique in any way. These things (interesting geometric effects) probably come and go with remarkable regularity on planets having similar characteristics.

Fortunate indeed that such a signpost has been revealed.
Why are we fortunate?
Because this symbol, the hexagon has been placed there for us to observe… Cool Idea … and to the astute esoteric observer … the planet Saturn, the great gig in the sky … suggests TIME is up … time we get ready for a ‘turn’ of events.

But I feel I am an observer of the bigger picture.
Has a test been devised that suggests some people are excellent ‘listeners’ and some are excellent ‘observers’ and some sheeple are excellent ‘grazers’?
Please observe and learn from our HIStory folks … because I have heard whispers that if we ignore it … HIStory it is bound to repeat.
Here is another quote from another forum

gg3 wrote:
These things (interesting geometric effects) probably come and go with remarkable regularity on planets having similar characteristics.

Yes I agree…and these interesting geometric effects have come and gone … here on Earth too!
And this interesting geometric effect that takes time to evolve…as you noted…left evidence of its presence as a residual consciousness … we call this sacred geometry … Jesus Christ… Jesus we are told was the ‘Son of God’
And God we are told is “Our Father who ART in heaven”
So if you want to find your Jesus inspired from the heavens … you can find his presence, his essence in something we call ART.

And for those who really want to wake up their consciousness…read on…I provide PROOF of my assertions.
My comments are in italics.

The Chi-Rho emblem can be viewed as the first Christian Cross.please note that this statement is another Vatican Lie, the Swastika was the most common cross carried by Christians before the Chi Rho and the Crucifix.
This is true and can be proven.
As a pre-Christian symbol, the Chi-ro signified good fortune.It is another interesting coincidence that the Sanskrit meaning of the word swastika is ‘good luck or fortune’.
DUH…..there are no coincidences only unity.
Believe this and you wake up and begin your transformation.
I am proof.
The Chi ro became an important Christian symbol when adopted by the Roman Emperor Constantine, representing the first two letters in the name of Christ- the Chi, or ‘ch,’ and Rho, or ‘r.’ According to Church Father Eusebius, on the eve of the Battle of the Milvan Bridge, the Emperor saw the emblem in a dream, with the inscription, “By this sign, you shall conquer.” According to the story, the battle was won. In return for the victory, Constantine erected Christian churches. Unfortunately, this story is very unlikely, as Constantine’s conversion occured on his deathbed, if at all. In any case, the symbol was the standard of the Emperor’s army, prominently displayed on the Emperor’s labarum, or battle standard.please note Father Eusebius has been identified as one of those Liars whose Mission Statement was to reform the flock.
(i.e. substitute faith for truth)
Before it became the monogram of Christ, the chi rho was the monogram of Chronos, the god of time, and an emblem of several solar deities.

another coincidence

In Hebrew, Chi-Rho equates to Tav-Resh. The chi rho was used in hermetic alchemical texts to denote time.

I must be delusional … or is this another coincidence?

[url] http://altreligion.about.com/library/glossary/symbols/bldefschiro.htm [/url]

And we also know the Greeks associated their ‘Cronos’ with TIME.
Remember the Romans stole the Greek gods too, and claimed them as their own simply by changing the names to protect the innocent…any resemblance Christianity has to other myths or beliefs is highly coincidental.
All roads lead back to Rome…
More specifically, the treasures of humanity stolen, are in the basement of the Vatican.

Now the test for the sheeple.
Does this emblem look like clock, maybe?

Let us place dots on this clock to represent a passage of time…
But it is the Star of David / Hexagram against a backdrop of the Vitruvian Man that suggests we are coming full circle, it is the 11th hour, and TIME is up.

Now finally we get to join those dots and the subtlety of each of the symbols is revealed.

X Y and Z
These three lines conspire to form the axis of good and evil.
Does George Bush know about this axis of evil?
So now that the EWE know the origin of ‘thinking outside of the box’, what the %$#@ are EWE going to do about it?

Each symbol is thus OBVIOUSLY suggesting the same thing.
Please note all axis pass through the center also.
This gives us 7 not six positions.
Our 7 positions of perspective I might add.
Left, right, forward, behind, above and below like the faces of a cube.
And the 7th is the inner center that all axis (good and evil) must pass through.

The Chi-ro is also the origin of the tradition of abbreviating “Christ” in “christian” or “Christmas” to “X.”

So the Creator is saying this ….

Dec. 21, 2012 … the Sun will apparently die.
Then 3 days later he will be resurrected.
Shhh…don’t tell the Christian sheeple …. Jesus was not born Dec. 25th … that the entire ruse was the movement of the Sun … bouncing back and forth between the solstices like the game of ping pong or was it yin yang?
Dec. 25 it is a whole new ball game.
A new creation.
A flip in polarity.

X marks the spot … where the TREASURE is buried.

New DNA … a new consciousness.

Wake up … TIME is up … the GOD of TIME ‘Saturn’ says so. Razz

And the choice is clear as I see it. We either continue to allow the conspiracy of the Burning Bush / Vatican to keep us in the box / cube or we find a spiritual way out …

Take the remaining TIME and KNOW THYSELF between now and then…Christmas morning … Dec. 25, 2012 we open the boxes. Laughing

This is the simple message…I was to deliver.
How am I doing?Rolling Eyes



p.s. This is all just chronology or what we might call a Judeao Christian version of HIStory.

Where HIS = the poster boy = Jesus Christ

Mutt of Metaphor = Jesus

I suggest in 2012 we may see the same kind of formations around our North and South Poles.
The fact Polar Bears are drowning suggests we are indeed entering a most exciting … revealing … TIME … Armageddon and the Messiah is all about moving forward toward VIBRATION and leaving TIME.


Thus the primordial Law of Thermodynamics says…
God can be neither created or destroyed, he can only be transformed into other forms of God. However there is a penalty for making vain graven images and it is called Entropy.


12 thoughts on “Time, Saturn, Cronos

  1. I must say, i am impressed with your ability to find patterns and to draw conclusions from them without any supporting FACTS. Not that I’m saying you are lying, but I find it hard to believe from you.

    “Be amazed of the phenomena, or find what truly causes it”
    -Book of Krynia, 5;6

  2. Ok, first the accolades and then the criticism?

    So which FACTS are you lacking or seeking?
    >>>here is a fact…the physics world that provides us with many empirical facts? … still can’t agree on a ‘Standard Model’.

    >>>so in other words … the smartest men in the world are filled with facts, but are in disagreement.

    >>>so what facts do you seek Mito?



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