Swastika and Sacred Geometry Part 2

But I am clearly “with you” that the form of the SPIRAL (vortex) shows up in ALL spiritual traditions’ mystical writings and “sacred geometry”. The swastika is a powerful glyph that speaks to the Truth of vortex energy as being a dominating factor in our universe.

No doubt spirals are key…
Because as both of our work suggests the ‘truth’ lies somewhere between … SpaceTime and SpaceMotion.
Concluding a direct relationship between Motion and Time.
Are they synonymous or does the subtly of their differences warrant investigation?
‘Space’ seems to be agreed upon by both camps of belief.

And is the graviton a particle or a wave?
On another website I made the suggestion that the graviton if it is to be found, will be found to be the reciprocal of the size of the Universe. I.e. if the Universe is say, 10 to the power of +35, then I will suggest the graviton is to be found in the range of 10 to the power of –35.
Would be comparing the graviton particle to the graviton wave be analogous to comparing the 1D dot to a 2D circle or a 3D sphere?

What if we added a 2nd dimension, what if we added another position in space, can you envision a triangle?

The 3rd dimension can be flat, convex, concave, or be saddle shaped.
And then the 4th Dimension called Time is introduced.
If you wanted to look inside a dot…you would need to open it, it would need to become a circle that reveals everything inside the dot.
Allow me to use some illustrations.

Let us attempt to build a 4D model of SpaceTimeMotion.
I will use Pythagoras to help illustrate my model, and later Einstein, I believe Euclid would also play a role in this unfolding of humanity’s consciousness.
(and happily mine along with it)

The following info was taken from Manly P. Hall’s masterpiece … The Secret Teachings of All Ages


… The digits 1 and 2 are not considered numbers by the Pythagoreans, because they typify the two supermundane spheres. The Pythagorean numbers, therefore, begin with 3, the triangle, and 4, the square. These added to the 1 and the 2, produce the 10, the great number of all things, the archetype of the universe. The three worlds were called receptacles. The first was the receptacle of principles, the second was the receptacle of intelligences, and the third or lowest, was the receptacle of quantities.

Pythagoras taught that the dot symbolized the power of the number 1, the line the power of the number 2, the surface the power of the number 3, and the solid the power of the number 4.

And what other wisdom did Pythagoras partake in?

 The most famous of the Pythagorean fragments are the Golden Verses, ascribed to Pythagoras himself, but concerning whose authorship there is an element of doubt. The Golden Verses contain a brief summary of the entire system of philosophy forming the basis of the educational doctrines of Crotona, or, as it is more commonly known, the Italic School. These verses open by counseling the reader to love God, venerate the great heroes, and respect the dæmons and elemental inhabitants. They then urge man to think carefully and industriously concerning his daily life, and to prefer the treasures of the mind and soul to accumulations of earthly goods. The verses also promise man that if he will rise above his lower material nature and cultivate self-control, he will ultimately be acceptable in the sight of the gods, be reunited with them, and partake of their immortality. (It is rather significant to note that Plato paid a great price for some of the manuscripts of Pythagoras which had been saved from the destruction of Crotona. See Historia Deorum Fatidicorum, Geneva, 1675.)

Now let us compare the ancient philosopher mathematician Pythagoras with a more modern version of the philosopher mathematician Bertrand Russell, and allow us to compare their thoughts about SpaceTime.

Allow me to convey to the reader what is involved in the phrase Space-Time…Suppose you wish to say where and when some event occurred – say an explosion on an airplane – you will have to mention four quantities, say the…

3 HEIGHT above the ground and

– Bertrand Russell … from the “ABC of Relativity”

 The ‘event’ he refers too could be the ‘Big Bang’.

So I will suggest that the Dot shall represent the 1st Dimension.

And I will plant a seed of thought that these 4 Steps we see going from a dot > line > triangle > cube or tetrahedron, this symbolism correlates to the first 4 Commandments…yes, I am suggesting that the 10 Commandments can be reduced to Laws of Science…I have interpreted the 10 Commandments using Laws of Science.
I will start a thread perhaps.

So let us draw a dot and a line and eventually the triangle to represent the 3 quantities necessary to create the first complete area of space …the triangle using xyz triangulation.

Bertrand Russell suggests we can express the 3Dimensions of Space as …

1/ the latitude
2/ the longitude
3/ and the height above the ground / above sea level.

So the gold dot represents the height above sea level, and the latitude = x-axis and the longitude = y axis.

But to this flat 2D representation of 3D Space we need to introduce the 4th dimension called Time. How would the ancients draw a 4D symbol on a flat surface?
How do we give depth, a perception of Space?
We must add Time otherwise Space can be shown to be a flat 2D object…but this is consistent with the Holographic Principle.

So how do we illustrate 3DSpace + 1D of Time Or 3D Space + 1D of Motion?

I have already suggested that a dot and a circle are related.

The above symbol is a solar symbol. Please note that the mystic Nicholas of Cusa, saw the nature of divinity reflected in a circle whose circumference is nowhere and whose center is everywhere. Again I cannot help think of a cone or vortex.
Add a latitude or longitude to the above symbol.

So to add the 4th dimension of Time or Motion to the 3 dimensional Cross would look something like this…

or this …

or this…

So the swastika I suggest is a symbol suggesting ‘SpaceTimeMotion’ and it was found all over the world. It is a pre-historic symbol meaning … before man started writing…he was drawing glyph and symbols to convey ideas and concepts.

Not being able to write his own name did not mean he was not thinking.

The swastika I believe has been intentionally marginalized because of its profound association not only to the forces of destruction (Nazis) but also because of its esoteric connections to the 4 forces necessary to create a 4D CREATION!

To see how the swastika connects religion to science read the following thread.



God can be neither created nor destroyed only transformed into other forms of God.
There is a penalty for transforming God and it is called ENTROPY.


2 thoughts on “Swastika and Sacred Geometry Part 2

  1. Hey, Raphael!

    I was reading this thread, “Swastika and Sacred Geometry” and tried to follow the link to the third part, but there is no document. Is it an error, or have you gotten that far with that thread, yet?

    This is quite interesting and makes me wonder why I drew Swastika’s more, as a little kid, than I did U.S. Army Pentagrams. That is, until I was told it was ‘bad’ to draw them.



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