Swastika and Sacred Geometry intro

Why has there been an organized consciousness, an effort to eradicate the swastika from ‘western’ consciousness?
Why have they flashed this very ancient symbol before our sheeple eyes for 60 years now, in association with a heinous crime.
Should we do the same with the crucifix?
Think about it.
Two symbols = Two holocausts
And the symbol that we still kiss and bow to (in the west), the crucifix, displaced the more ancient swastika as a symbol of unity.

One fact I need to share that supports my contention that the swastika was intentionally attached to a heinous crime so it could be marginalized and portrayed as a ‘negative’ symbol is this…and I seem to detect a pattern.

The swastika was the most common cross carried by Christians in the 1st and 2nd centuries A.D.
-Elizabeth Goldsmith

Digest that profound fact for a moment. How this fact has been buried.
And then Constantine the Roman did two things, he embraced Christianity and the Chi Rho.

And after the rather quick rebirth and death of the swastika starting late in the 19th century due to Schliemann’s archaeological findings at Troy, and  the writings of Theosophists later all neutralized by the Nazis promoting  Aryan propaganda the swastika has died but note  the Star of David was born in the ashes of two world wars.
And who today is aligned against the Iranians, who coincidentally still have a reverence for the swastika?
The Judaeo/Christians.
Those that have a reverence for the Star of David and the Crucifix are aligned against the ‘swastika cultures’.
That is almost how it appears.
What kind of evidence exists to suggest modern churches today are built over former pagan sites?
Is there any such evidence?

wolf rolf ROFL

Can I show how the swastika can help connect the two middle or ‘meso’ cultures?

i.e. Mesopotamia and Mesoamerica

Long, long, long, before these cultures made contact the same symbols appear in their histories.
One of the most profound connections to be made is by linking Solomon’s Knot to the Swastika.

Why do these 2 symbols keep appearing everywhere, on both sides of the abyss that divided them, on both sides of the Atlantic ocean, apparently before physical contact was made?

Who is interested in going on and discussing the swastika as a sacred symbol and not purely a manifestation of evil as portrayed by a biased western media and secular intelligentsia, both of whom are promoting a self-serving JC theology?

What else do they have buried in the catacombs of the Vatican?
Knowledge of the swastika and its true history, its role in our geometric beginnings has been exposed by nano science.

Stumbling over the swastika has proved to be that right path, the fast track to knowledge.


God can be neither created nor destroyed only transformed into other forms of God.
There is a penalty for transforming God and it is called ENTROPY.


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