Reconciliation of Science with Religion

Can We Reconcile Religion with Science using the badly maligned 20,000 year old Swastika as a mediator in the process, as an interface?
Coincidently the swastika has become an ‘in your face’ symbol?

Yes this is a very long post.
But it is a necessary post to give a little background to the background noise I have been receiving over the past 2-3 years, coming from all directions, from within and also outside of me exist all the forces swirling around me, conspiring to pull me from my center as I uncovered a very profound realization.

Northjetty and Rob please may I repeat what I wrote above and this is paramount in understanding where I go next…

Hamlet’s Mill was a much acclaimed work by MIT prof G. Santillana and a Dr. von Dechend of the University of Frankfurt.The revelation of this book was that myth and folklore represent the scientific language of the ancients, designed to record and transmit complex astronomical observations, particularly those connected with the Precession of the Equinox.ANDThe beauty of using myth to transmit complex truth is that you can depend on uneducated people to accurately transmit the information…

So these authors confirmed for me what I have been feeling intuitively for some time now, over the past two years and I suspect from the posts I have read thus far … I am the only one seeing profoundly what I see…
Again I appear alone in my thoughts.

haselhurst wrote:
Truth and reality / the wave structure of matter reconciles science and religion – just need to more correctly define the language of religion, which relates to our connection to God as the one infinite eternal creator of all things (wave motions of space).

Gentlemen the language has already been invented and I will strongly suggest we do not go there in rewriting and introducing more gospels to an already convoluted primordial pond … blah blah blah
It is in place. We do NOT need to add one more word to what has been written.
Because ‘it has been written’.

All we need to do is have another ‘coup’ like they did in the Middle Ages, the age of Darkness where the literal interpretations rose above and thrust out those who were using the scriptures for more unifying purposes by using unifying figurative interpretations based on the oral traditions and the Word. But really what happened was they dispensed with the tradition of Oral tradition and handed out books to replace the exercises and discipline needed in handing down the traditions Orally, thus helping to break the lineage.

Simple conspiracy once you realize the Power of Myth.
And I do not need to repeat everything JC…Joseph Campbell has said.
Northjetty did Campbell ever attempt to rewrite what was written?
Or was he an interpreter.
I will suggest not even to use new and exotic terminology…sounds carry vibration and unless you want to start breaking down words into letters into numbers to be measured and then figuring out the exact frequency of every new utterance that emanates a sound … go for it, but I will suggest everything has already been written.
In the end the lesson always is … we need to become better listeners … you can do that by simply meditating on symbols … Rabbis do it all the time, they select one letter of the Hebrew alphabet and ‘receive’ … so I will suggest I have also been a receiver these past 2-3 years. And the ability to transmit what I have received has been quite the journey.
After all if I can convey this … I will also have shared my epiphany with many.

Let us use the 2 languages that can indeed bring all men together and have.
Myth and Math
One was an Oral tradition and the other rose from form, from shape itself.
Math was born of the same place language was…the left hemisphere of the mind.
Guess where oral tradition has its roots…the right hemisphere.
So guess what?
Myth came before Math.
The Goddess came before the Temple Priests, Pharaohs, Kings, Masons, Popes, Masons, Mayans, Mathematics, Physics, and WSM…

Remember if “myth and folklore represent the scientific language of the ancients designed to record and transmit complex astronomical observations…” should we not be trying to interpret what was left for us in stone? Applying what we are finding out and combining it with what they knew.
It is important to stop and repeat the following …the ancients built these amazing structures … not us … how can we learn?

And this also suggests that the ‘feminine principle’ was in place as a dominant culture before the ‘male principle’ took over and dominated…(there was a time ALL women had to give good oral…it was a tradition…and ever since we knocked them off, from being on top, we, the men can’t stop playing with ourselves…)
Rudolf Steiner and his Waldorf Schools have the proper philosophy…they teach Myth before Math…very cool…

Would the brain be used in symbolism?
Would the hands be used in symbolism?
And if the symbols are used to transmit complex information why do we see the same symbols appearing throughout the different cultures?
Almost like numbers expressing a concept…the formula would be consistent.
So you can have animals and plants and rocks represent ‘numbers’.
Glyphs, numbers, symbols, and letters are the tools of communication or formulizing concepts. And one formula that you keep seeing is one involving birds and snakes or serpents.
So what does the formula Bird + Snake = X

So here is an ancient formula and the X became various answers to the equation.
In the Mesoamerican cultures X was the feathered serpent (bird + snake) known as Queztelcoatl.

Or as a muse once suggested to me when a bird and snake collide you get a dragon.

Now this at the time was a rather significant revelation for me.
Because at that time … I had an idea.
I believed that these 2 creatures that showed up in all cultures represented the 2 ways light could travel.

Bird = Particle
Snake = Wave

However since being introduced to WSM … I have altered this ‘vision’ to include both the Bird and Snake representing waves of light.
But what is interesting is when the two collide and you find you have created a Dragon
I saw of course this collision of light as an analogy between anti-matter and matter collisions happening inside not only the torus called CERN but also within the human, occurring at the 4th Chakra…halfway between the two extremes in where the collision occurs and what results?
Destruction or creation of the individual?

The final uncovering of the math we use today was the result of trying to express and emulate form and shape of what was visible.
What kind of math do we use for the invisible world that exists that is common to all of us?
It is called Myth.
It is what cannot be put into words…you transcend TIME when you VIBRATE.
Myth can place you into a place where you transcend time and you vibrate.

And as Northjetty mentions it is Myth.
The language of myth is already in place.
There is NO need to reinvent the mythical wheels…why don’t we just go back and read what has been written…and try to interpret what they wrote using 21st WSM science.
Are you getting what I am hinting at?

As the authors note above complex truth can be transmitted by uneducated people accurately using myth.

May I point out … it is MYTH that has already been written.

But what I am seeing here, in this forum is the following … no offence please …

Many, many egos (disclaimer: I also resemble that remark) … and though all the egos are aligned in a common cause called WSM, I do see a problem if you try to do 2 or 3 things at once.
I do not believe we can rewrite the direction of physics and discard people’s concept of God in one swell swoop. First of all these 2 camps are divided anyway…and need to be reconciled before you can pencil in changes.
As Northjetty knows, I read myth, symbols, anything esoteric and I look for patterns and try to weave the aforementioned together, applying a template of science both ancient and modern and trying to interpret what I find…but please note I am not ‘rewriting’ anything.
Only interpreting. Again Northjetty can attest to my yet unproven, non-submitted to a ‘peer pressured and reviewed’ committee, is my intuitive interpretation of the Dogon Cosmic Egg, which I believe has never been seen the way I did…that day.
Northjetty fed me the lead.
And remember I am the fellow who has gone out on a limb suggesting I can Reconcile Religion with Science and to suggest I can use the swastika as a mediator is incredulous, I do agree and many would AUTOMATICALLY react in a negative fashion.
This is to be expected and calculated and prepared for.
I do have a punch line prepared to disarm all funnymentalists. Because that is what you learn to do when the going gets tough.
Develop a sense of humor and see the world, your glass always as half full.
Especially in a future that promises water scarcity.

For 60 years now…before I was born, western consciousness has been fed a certain kind of propaganda. A particular spin has been placed on events because a certain bias is without a doubt, ‘in control’, and wants to maintain control and will not relinquish control voluntarily.
The west suggests the East uses propaganda, the West failing to acknowledge that marketing, advertising, PNAC enacted policy and highly encouraged consumerism is actually an improvement over Eastern propaganda.
The West writes the best propaganda, inside and outside of Holy-wood (no bias there?) …it has come to be simply the manifestation of the illusion of freedoms…and the new iron curtain called Homeland Security displayed crumbling walls before it was even built.

Time and again since 1945, we have seen the images of the Holocaust, the skeletal bodies, the train cars and in unison with the grisly photos flashed before our collective sheeple eyes are the BLACK SWASTIKA on the RED and WHITE background.

So why do we not flash the Crucifix when talking about the Mesoamerican butchery and the estimated 75+ million that were slain because they were heathens resembling pagans, theirs souls bowing down to sol and singing lunar lullabies.
Their history was slashed and burned and what remained was put into various Code-X bearing the names of the European owners…now that is what I call very, very effective genocide.
In comparison I must say … the Nazis were boy scouts in comparison to the atrocities committed by the Vatican.
Actually here I present an analogy for this outrageous theft collectively forgotten.

These Codexes / the history of the Mesoamericans are today hidden away in Europe, owned privately.
Now I contend this would be like me taking POSSESSION of the one of the 4 sacred Books of the Bible, and then this sacred script would be renamed depending on where it was being kept…no reference in the name of the Codex is actually to its origin … no the private owner owns that piece of Mesoamerican history.
So essentially in my analogy I could take the Book of John into the John and the name would not change.
History I can prove gentlemen using the divine Tarot is a Meso of lies.

Then there was Africa…Asia…everywhere…the Crucifix was almost everywhere…and it achieved quite a bit, moving outward from Rome with haste and the Jesuits.
However it must be noted to put things into a different light, to put a totally spin on our historical perspectives is the following fact:

In the hundreds of years prior to Constantine embracing Christianity in the 3rd – 4th A.D., the much revered Swastika was the cross of choice.

Now there were reasons for the popularity of the swastika and I can prove it using science and religion. It is very, very unifying if you can follow me back in time … pre-Nazi adoption of this symbol, an investigation into why ancients would etch this symbol everywhere time and again, all over the world.

The Swastika is buried and in its ashes the Hexagram / Star of David was erected.
And Solomon’s Seal or the Star of David now had a country from which to fly and announce their arrival in the neighborhood.
And your piece of the pie in Jerusalem … among the other 3 is finally served to you … the 4 Quarters now make 1.
However the Holy Roman Empire’s board of directors known as the Council of Nicaea, chose first the Chi-Ro and then later the Crucifix as the symbol to represent their cause.
Both these symbols arrived via Rome and both embraced the new unified Christian Mission Statement being developed for the Christian shareholders and sharecroppers to adopt.

FACT: The highly revered PRE-historic Swastika WAS everywhere long before the Judeao / Christian HIStory appeared that was written or edited coincidently by the victors, this we know.
After the swastika lost favor … the new and improved Christians were introduced to the Chi-Ro and following that the Crucifix and now can I suggest it is the $.

And who through history and HIStory has stood stubbornly in the way of world domination by one of those symbols?
Yes it is the swastika, carried by pagans, pagan Christians, neo-Nazis, Iranians, Hindu, Chinese, Occultists, indigenous tribes throughout the world…essentially the fringe or the non – Western consciousness.
I could not help see a pattern that I needed to investigate. It was not long in doing my comparative studies that I began to realize the swastika was to be found virtually everywhere, in all cultures.
For some reason it became apparent to me that the swastika apparently needed to be written out this stage play we find ourselves in.
What was it they could have found out about this ancient symbol that suggested it would be best if it were buried very deep within an individual’s consciousness and just left there.
Not awakened or realized?

And then you ask yourself this profound question.

Why would a humanity, IF it truly wants to recover a truth of its ancestry, be so quick to bury an ancient symbol, a pre-historic symbol found the world over, a symbol that has the potential to unite humanity?

As always the answer is in the question…this is a symbol that has the potential to unite humanity.

So now please explain why I have been witness to a blatant negative reinforcing of this symbol as being heinous and evil and nefarious and yikes, “wasn’t that the symbol the Nazis used? “
Why has it been demonized with obvious intent and very rarely portrayed by a mainstream media as it had been for the past 20,000 years, its meaning being good luck?
So why the very effective smear campaign against this symbol?

Here is the basis for a conspiracy, it only takes two to tango.
However I am divided as always, as to the mechanism of the conspiracy.
Is humanity driven by a conscious THEY with the compliance of an unconscious THEY playing along like sheeple and seagullibles?
Or and this is where I am now intuitively leaning toward…

Lately I have beginning to feel this entire ‘drama’ must unfold ‘as it must’…
Things are the way they are because that is the way they were meant to be.
What does this mean essentially?

In myth we can find evidence that a planet on an orbit which has a direction or destiny or a fate can be calculated, having a very profound relationship to the entire cosmos…
So could this info eventually be transmitted and received and conveyed and finally written on a printing press and fed to the masses?

In other words … I have developed a most divine respect for the ancient myths and scriptures, because these divine ‘blueprints’ are essentially ‘flight paths’ … and that is why as a Creator you could write the script, perhaps a story for the Creation of the Earth, and then you send the blueprint via light messages to be received by a Moses or a Mohammed and then these cobblers and sheppards, simple uneducated men could still convey to all the people, regardless of the language spoken, a truth contained in the archetypal language of myth which transcends knowledge.
Just like Gene Roddenberry who created Star Trek, as author he could predict how his series was going to End. He too saw the End of Days.
George Lucas started his Creation the Star Wars Sixtuplets in the present beginning with episode 4 and moving through to episode 6. So after it ended … it began.
We found out the beginning and then moved through 3 more episodes before arriving back to the now.
Here in the 4th dimension or episode 4 where it all began.
So in effect the Star Wars Saga started in the present traveled to the future and then we traveled back in time…to the very beginning, how it all began.

So in effect we found out how it ends before we figured out or were told how it all began.
This is a metaphor for life.
We must die before we find out a ‘truth’ that is unknowable from this side…
This is also an analogy to the myth known as the Tower of Babel.
This is a profound metaphor for where I feel humanity rests right now.

But remember before Gene Roddenberry was creating his visual reality … the Creator was using our genes to create his grand illusion.
We must remind ourselves of our oral traditions that which precedes numbers and letters.
So as I will continually try to remind most of the other associates here at WSM, as our egos stray, do not try to reinvent the language of myth … instead I suggest we immerse ourselves the creativity of the myth, become part of the creation and try to interpret what was left for us to interpret.
Math was uncovered to dissect the essence and meaning of myth.

So please understand my goal is UNITY.
Is it not obvious?
Please note: I compare the different ‘beliefs’, looking specifically for common denominators unlike the scholars and experts who pick and sift through the sands of time, expending their vital life force looking for differences so their beliefs can be maintained and appointed and finally anointed the Chosen Ones.

I believe it was Rockefeller who said “THEY would put the TRUTH in plain view”.
Flash … Red / White / Black Swastika … how much more obvious has this particular ‘configuration’ of a symbol become as part of Westernized consciousness.
It has become a button without a doubt that I dare push…
I look at what was left for us in stone, which has the most archival integrity (important for truth seekers), and the subsequent methods for communication became corrupted, first papyrus, then animal skins, then paper followed by the most corruptible method of communication we have devised in a last ditch effort to unite …bits and bytes, one push of the button and it’s a whole new ball game.
Another machine to replace what the flesh should do, what mind body and soul should have the discipline to do relative to a bigger picture … many see the PC and Apple as technological saviors, as messiahs, but from my perspective, the ‘hanged man’ perspective, my upside world suggests the PC is an elaborate SOS signal trying to manifest itself … in the 11th hour.

So essentially I look at what the sciences have recovered till this point, and this is being updated daily in these ‘end of daze’, as all would be revealed, and in conjunction with what I have recovered on my mission, I then try to merge the various, what many foolishly claim disparate beliefs together and then blend it with science and as I have said … I believe WSM is a really good fit.

So this Sacred Symbol, the Swastika which had been used for around 20,000 years and mainly for good purposes, as an amulet or cross, and then was intentionally hi-jacked from the consciousness of the eastern theologies and used inappropriately for about a 15-20 period and as a result of this ‘crime against humanity’ we quickly bury it and develop an aggressive campaign to make people twinge whenever they see the RED, WHITE and BLACK SWASTIKA?
Profoundly why do we not flash the $ $ $, and then at the same time show how this symbol has taken the lives of many, many more than the 6,000,000 the swastika as claimed…the misuse of this symbol, $ has caused far more misery than any other symbol known to mankind…prove me wrong…now that would be a difficult task.
After all ‘money is the root of all evil’ NOT the swastika…actually I prove the unique geometric shape of the swastika is the root of all creation.
Maybe that is a good idea…we would think twice before handling the dirty green stuff.
But that is not the game gentleman. It is the opposite. The system encourages the handling of green because this is what feeds the illusion…

Why is the film ‘Darwin’s Nightmare’ NOT highly advertised?
When it should in fact be seen by everyone and probably shown in schools to enlighten people as to how Capitalism actually works?

So as I see it Geoff and Co., you want to do 3 things…
1/ Change the direction of physics investigations … TimeSpace to a TimeSpaceMotion concept…
2/ How will you interpret or reword the underlying motifs, archetypes, and symbolism representing the universal structure we already find so beautifully expressed by the ancients … contained within the classical writings?
3/ After altering the above 1 and 2 are you expecting to change the structure of Democracy … supported by stealth Capitalism too?

No my suggestion is we put a concerted effort into interpreting the myth that already exists.
I would suggest no effort be made in making up ‘new stories’ but instead interpreting what is so obvious to me and it is just begging for people to take notice, for people to immerse themselves in the sublime and subtle arena called the unconscious mind…
There are so many correlations in mythology to science it boggles my mind, and I know also Northjettys’, another avid rabid mythical kinda guy.
So here is a new field I feel and I seem to be in on the ground floor among others.
This really is a new field of study … not unlike the merger of archeology and astronomy into archaeoastronomy, which can thank the Hamlet Mill study for laying the seed of that merger.
I am only suggesting we extend those findings to not only the stars … but we also look at everything else that was spoken of, the oral traditions that talk about direction, color, number, animal, plant etc. etc., essentially anything that has shape and shows motion can be computed or put into a formula.

Harmonizing Myth with Math is Reconciling Religion with Science.
What is reconciliation?
It is ultimately forgiveness needed on both sides.

I hope to use the recent gains in science to resurrect this ancient most revered GLOBAL symbol, which actually represents and transmits complex astronomical positions.
In my next post…I become far more specific in my esoteric and visible connections, which have been grossly overlooked because of the bad, yet effective press that has helped innoculate western consciousness.
Remember only Western Consciousness fears this symbol. Multitudes of westerners perceive and are rather ignorant about this symbol …many of these grossly misinformed people thinking the Nazis conceived of this symbol … and many of the same ignorant misguided people also believe the Star of David or Solomon’s Seal is exclusive to Israel.

Millions still pray to the Swastika … many, many, many more pray to this symbol than the Star of David…UNLESS you are including the Hindu … which long before Judaism adopted the Hexagram … it was central to interpretation of the Chakra system also.
So by no coincidence the Hindu worships both the swastika and the hexagram.

And Western Consciousness has CHOSEN to support one symbol and demonize another.
This is obvious.
Both are sacred.

So how do we bring these two different consciousnesses together that can almost be represented by the symbols they support?
I would like to reveal a way, assisted by the historical thoughts recorded, the thoughts and feelings and inspirations of the mystic Itzhak Bentov. (in my next post)

By no coincidence the Mid-Atlantic Ridge splits the earth nicely in half and seems to be heaving in harmony with our dysfunctional collective consciousness that also is divided by two distinct consciousness, operating on different wave lengths because they utilize their minds differently.
It really is that simple.

Yes we are developing WSM, which helps greatly among other things to explain the formation of matter in space.
Max Planck said there is no such thing as matter only vibration.
Who am I to believe?

I will use Jung to assist me among others … the list of esoteric characters who realized their roles throughout this stage play is endless…
Your participation is appreciated.
I will get you thinking and hopefully feeling that I have struck upon something really, really important.

What if I can show convincingly that we should indeed resurrect the swastika back into western consciousness, because it actually resides there, centered within our ‘super consciousness’, and if you think about what I am suggesting, the forgiveness process is in fact a reconciliation with God, with Unity itself.
And how would that likely event, the reconciliation take place or manifest itself on a Global scale, what is the window of opportunity?

I will finish from a quote from Itzhak Bentov’s Book.
‘A Brief Tour of Higher Consciousness’

“It is interesting to note that if you merge your consciousness with that of the Creator, you discover within Him a rotating swastika. In other words, swastika stands for both the Creator and the Creation, they are inseparable.”

Remember ‘Ben’ as his friends called him…built rockets for Israel, was an inventor with patents and meditated often.
I suggest that is where he and I met…through meditation.
No we did not actually ‘meet’, what if we just rode the same wave, the same vibration?
As you can see, I will have some assistance as we discuss this volatile yet necessary stage in our collective enlightenment.
Myth in conjunction with unfolding events, here and in outer space, also suggests TIME is running out…
I feel part of ‘game’ is lining up our evolving collective consciousness with an ‘event’ … this event can be calculated as a date into the future and it is defined by that identifiable path or orbit we are on called the precession of the equinoxes…two suns. two orbits, two intersecting waves, can I suggest the same dynamics are consistent regardless of the magnitude, macro or micro?




4 thoughts on “Reconciliation of Science with Religion

  1. I feel like it will be this week sometime its in the air….even the sky looks different a lot different! I feel like its a made up weather pattern like we are leaving in a biosphere…sometimes the air pattern has no movement …and on more than one occassion I
    have felt vibrations under my feet when I stand it happens more and more and Trust me I know it may seem odd, but I a being very honest in an attempt to either give you info or maybe you bcould shed some light on my feelings

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